Customer Service Policy

      Having been mail-order customers ourselves for many years now, we understand the potential pitfalls a customer faces and the customer’s apprehensions at dealing with an unseen merchant in buying products unseen.

      It can be a scary proposition, and these pitfalls and concerns have been magnified since mail-order business has embraced the World Wide Web to create the new venue of E-Business. We feel that any business engaging in such an enterprise owes it to their customers to be as “up front?as possible about their policies and procedures, by way of providing a strong measure of assurance that the customer’s online or general mail-order shopping experience is a good one. In keeping with that belief we at Blue Heron Mercantile offer to our customers this policy statement.

      It’s important to us that our customers feel free to contact us and discuss their needs. Please let us know if you have a specific deadline for your order, if you’d like to know if an item is in stock or would like for us to cancel and issue an immediate refund for backordered items, have any problem with your order whatsoever, or if you’re just looking for an item not listed in our catalog. Flexibility and personal service are two of the chief advantages of dealing with a Small Business, and mail-order doesn‘t have to be a scary proposition.

Store Hours:

Up front, we’re a small home-based mail-order business (no storefront), and because of other obligations the hours when we’re generally most accessible by phone are 5 to 9 p.m. central time Monday thru Friday. During the Spring and Fall we also set up at several historical events throughout the midwest, so at those times it can be difficult to reach us except during the middle of the week. If you call and we’re not here, please leave your name, phone number, and the best hours to reach you on our answering machine, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Our number for inquiries and orders is 1-765-474-8426.

We’ve found that often, because of our unusual hours and our customer’s hectic and widely differing schedules, “phone tag?can be a problem. Therefore, we have several other options for contacting us that aren’t governed by specific, set store hours. It may actually be easier and faster to email us at, if you have a question or an issue that needs addressed, or by Fax (765-474-8426) if you need to place an order. Finally, the establishment of our website,, allows our customer’s the option of submitting questions or comments, or securely placing orders online.

We realize that our hours aren’t on par with that of the older, larger, and better established companies, but continual improvements in customer service will remain our top priority as our humble enterprise grows and we become better established. We appreciate your patience, and until we’re able to staff our phones in a more conventional manner, any of the above-mentioned electronic options for contacting us are available 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, and it will remain our goal to answer these communications in the most timely manner possible.

Online Transaction Security:

Any and all online transactions made at our website involving the exchange of financial information are encrypted for the customer‘s protection. Every effort is made to insure that your data cannot be decoded by any party that might intercept the communications.

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