Fourth Generation (Continued)

Family of Agnes "Nancy" HINKSON (10) & Marcus (Marquis) STEPHENSON

36. Mary "Polly" STEPHENSON. Born in 1802 in Kentucky.

On February 23, 1808 when Mary "Polly" was 6, she first married Benjamin HARRISON, son of COL Benjamin HARRISON (1750-1808) & Mary NEWELL, in St. Genevieve County, Missouri. by Isidore Moore, Justice of the Peace.

Mary "Polly" second married Asaph HUBBARD. Occupation: Carpenter; "Hard-Shell" Baptist Preacher. Religion: Baptist.

They had the following children:
i. Henry C.. Born in 1825.
ii. Thomas J..
iii. Agnes E..
iv. Fannie F..

37. Elizabeth "Betsey" STEPHENSON. Born in September 1794. Elizabeth "Betsey" died in Barry, Illinois on September 27, 1879; she was 85.

On October 23, 1810 when Elizabeth "Betsey" was 16, she married Uriah Humble HINCH, son of Samuel Thomas HINCH (-July 1807) & Charity HUMBLE (1756-January 31, 1831), in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. Born in 1790. Uriah Humble died in Audrain County, Missouri on January 27, 1855; he was 65.

They had the following children:
i. Mariah. Born about 1811.
before 1830 when Mariah was 19, she married James LOW.
ii. John Milton. Born on December 8, 1814. John Milton died on November 18, 1882; he was 67.
On December 14, 1837 when John Milton was 23, he married Nancy McINTIRE.
iii. Louisa H.. Born on June 26, 1817. Louisa H. died on August 16, 1878; she was 61.
On December 10, 1839 when Louisa H. was 22, she married Jefferson McCLAIN.
iv. Samuel. Born on December 15, 1821. Samuel died on March 7, 1898; he was 76.
On December 24, 1848 when Samuel was 27, he married Lucy PULLIAM.
v. Charity. Born on February 11, 1822. Charity died on December 15, 1873; she was 51.
On August 29, 1839 when Charity was 17, she married James PULLIAM.
vi. Mary P.. Born in 1828.
On June 24, 1847 when Mary P. was 19, she married George BOTORF.
vii. Asaph. Born about 1832.
viii. Robert G. C.. Born about 1835.

38. Marcus STEPHENSON. Born on April 16, 1807 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Marcus died in Dean Lake, Chariton County, Missouri on July 18, 1896; he was 89. Buried in Dean Lake, Stephenson Cemetery. Occupation: Farmer. Religion: Methodist.

On September 23, 1830 when Marcus was 23, he first married Catherine HANCOCK, in Howard County, Missouri. Born in Kentucky. Catherine died in 1848 in Dewitt, Carroll County, Missouri. Religion: Methodist.

They had the following children:
108 i. Robert (1833-1872)
ii. Hugh "Cap". Born on October 19, 1835 in Carroll County, Missouri. Hugh "Cap" died in Clariton County, Missouri on October 19, 1914; he was 79. Buried in Bethel Cemetery, Chariton County, Missouri.  Captain In The Confederate Army During Civil War. [11]
109 iii. Catherine Ann "Kitty" (1837-1881)
110 iv. Mary Agnes (1839-1896)
111 v. Charles Marcus (1842-1927)
112 vi. William Crawford (1845-1931)
113 vii. LaCurtis Coleman (1846-1910)

On January 10, 1850 when Marcus was 42, he second married Mary Ann MILLER, in Carroll County, Missouri. [26] Born in 1812.

They had the following children:
i. Columbus. Born in 1850.
ii. Lavenia. Born on April 13, 1853 in Missouri. Lavenia died in Missouri on July 1, 1867; she was 14. Buried in Stephenson Cemetery, Chariton County, Missouri.
iii. Sara Elizabeth "Lizzie". Born about 1854. Sara Elizabeth "Lizzie" died in September 1885; she was 31.
iv. Tolbert Tipton "Tip". Born on January 19, 1855 in Dean Lake, Chariton County, Missouri. Tolbert Tipton "Tip" died in Dean Lake, Chariton County, Missouri on November 29, 1935; he was 80.
v. Letucia. Born on October 8, 1859 in Missouri. Letucia died in Missouri on February 15, 1876; she was 16. Buried in Stephenson Cemetery, Chariton County, Missouri.
vi. John P.. Born on September 17, 1861 in Missouri. John P. died in Missouri on November 23, 1898; he was 37. Buried in Stephenson Cemetery, Chariton County, Missouri.

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