Robert Clarke will as decoded by Connie Bellows Moulder from Microfiche Will Book B, p. 116

In the name of God amen. I Robert Clarke of Bourbon County and state of Kentucky being in bad and low state of health but of perfect mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body knowing that it is appointed once for all men to die and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of the Almighty God who gave it, nothing doubting, but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the almighty power of God who give it and as tuching such worldly steak? wherewith it has pleased to Bless me with, I give, demise, and dispose of the same by the following manner or form- And first of all I allow all my legal debts to be paid. And secondly I lave to my dear and well beloved wife Agnes Clark a sorrel mare known by the name of Snip. Likeways two (2) cows one black and white muley cow, the other partly white with black specks throu her. One red and white heifer Likeways her feather bed and a saddle to be bought for her, a large chist and Bible, likeways I lave her my dwelling house and her third of all that is raised on my plantation, to dispose of it during her life as she pleases- Thirdly I lave to my son Robert Clarke the two thirds of my land lying next Brints (sp) Mill. Likeways I lave him one boy Fillip two cows one of them a Brindle cow the other a Black heifer with a white back. Fourthly, I lave to my son John Clark the one third of my land lying next to the part that I deeded to my son James. Likeways one sorrel Philly, one red cow with a white face and her calf and one red and white pieded(?) cow. Fifthly, I lave to my Daughter Agnes on Black Philley and bed and close, one brindle heifer one red heifer with a white face and white back, Likeways a red heifer with a white face. And sixthly I lave to my Daughter Margaret one brown Philley with a star on her forehead and one red and white heifer and one black heifer. Seventhly I lave to my daughter Ann one red and white speckled mulley cow and her calf. the rest of my stock horses, black cattle, sheep, hogs and every thing that I have not mentioned of my stock I lave for the support of my family in General my stills and Still House I lave betwixt my sons Robert and John before mentioned and all utensils or tools that I have not mentioned I lave for the use of the farm. my land up Kentucky I allow to be sold to pay off debts. My stray mare that I took up I lave to my son James. I lave to Daniel Wilson, Benjamin Hardin, Abraham Langston and Noah Lyons my sons in law twenty shillings each. The debt that Joseph Beals ( Beats?) owes me I lave it to my sons Robert. My Negro man Manuel I lave to work on my farm for the support of my family. I appoint John Boyd and my son Robert executors of this my last will and testament signed and acknowledged the fifth day of June Anno Domini 1800.

Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us Robert Clarke L S
And the presence of one another.
John Hamilton
Reuben Duncan
John Row