Bourbon County Will Book J, p. 184 (transcribed by Bob Francis, June 22, 2000):
Gustavus Pugh in his last sickness in which he died at home made the following disposition of his property by way of last will and testament by word of mouth and requested us to take notice of what he said as being his will that is he wished his peoce (sic) of land above Ruddells mills on which he did not live to be sold and his negro man George to be sold also and the proceeds of both to be applied towards paying his debts and also any of his stock and perishable he wished sold and applied in the same way and if the foregoing property did not pay his debts he wished the tract of land on which he lived to be sold and the ballance (sic) of his debts payed thereout and the remainder applied to purchase a little farm (last word crossed out) place for his wife but if there was enough to pay his debts without selling the place he lived on he in that case did not wish it sold. He died on the twenty fifth June 1833. In witness whereof we the undersigned set our names as witnesses being called on such by said Pugh this twenty ninth June 1833 on which day the foregoing will is reduced to writing by us Saml Ewalt
Samuel Logan

Commonwealth of Kentucky and County of Bourbon
At the September term of the County court for the county aforesaid held on this day. This (unintelligable) will of Gustavus Pugh dec.d was proved by Samuel Ewalt and Samuel Logan and ordered to be recorded. Whereupon the same is duly recorded in my office. Given under my hand as clerk of said court this 2nd day of September 1833
Tho. P. Smith, clerk
by Porter Smith