Will information:
Will Bk. U, pp. 151-151
Ord 29, Will Pro. 287, Admin. 288
Ord 29, Div. Land, 288

Margaret Pugh will:

I Margaret Pugh, being of sound mind, do make this my last Will and Testament:

1st--It is my will that at my death all of my property, which is a house and lot about twenty-three acres of land near Shawhan, in Bourbon County, Ky., be sold, and from the money derived from said sale of said property I give one hundred dollars thereof to my son John H. Ewalt and a like sum to my daughters Stella Duvall & Sallie Lair. The remainder of said money after deducting the above bequests I desire to be equally divided, and one-half thereof to be reinvested in a house and lot, which house and lot my daughter Fannie Crawford shall have for & during her natural life, and at her death it shall descend to her children.

2nd--The other half of said money I desire shall be invested in a house and lot, which house and lot I give to my daughter Georgia McCarthy for her separate use and benefit, free from debts & control of her present husband and said husband shall have no interest whatever in same. My said daughter Georgia shall not have power to dispose of said house and lot, during the life of her present husband, but if she survives him she shall take a fee simple title to said property.

3rd--I appoint T. E. Moore, Jr., my executor of this my last Will and I give him power to sell the property referred to in the Will & to _____the same to the purchases but said sale must be made to the highest and best bidder and the premises, after said sale, and the time and place of holding it has been advertised in at least three issues of a newspaper published in Bourbon County, and my Executor shall also purchase the house & lots referred to in this Will, but the house and lot purchased for Fannie must be approved by her, and the one purchased for Georgia must be approved by her.

Witness my hand this Nov. 20, 1902
Att: Alice Simpson Margaret Pugh
J. C. Crawford

Jan. 8, 1904
I make this Codicil to my Will--I want my grandson Eddie Crawford, son of Fannie & A. T. Crawford, to have ($200.00) Two Hundred Dollars. If anything should happen to him it shall go to his mother.

Allie Fightmaster Margaret Pugh
F. Fithian

Bourbon County Court, January term, Jan. 21, 1904
The foregoing instrument purporting to the last Will & Testament thereto of Margaret Pugh, deceased, was this day produced to Court and the said Will was proven in due form of law by the oath of Alice Simpson, one of the attanding witnesses thereto who also proved the attestation of J. C. Crawford, the other attesting witness thereto; & the said Codicil was proved in due form of law by the oath of Frank Fithian one of the attesting witnesses thereto, who also proved the attestation of Allie Fightmaster the other attesting witness thereto whereupon said instrument is ordered to be recorded as the last Will & Codicil of said Margaret Pugh, deceased.

Witness: Ed D. Paton, Clerk of said Court, date above
(Signed) Ed D. Paton, Clerk