County Clerk Office in Bourbon county court House - INDEX NICHOLAS SMITH
Wills BOOK K - Pages 426 - 427 - 428.
Wills Book, Inv. 3. 426.427.428/ Sales 427. Est Sett 438. Guardns. 350
ORDER Book K - Adm 452. Gdn & Apps 453. Ord. Dav 453. L: Inv 13.387
Sales 387. Add Inv. 387. Sett 387
_ Sett 3. Ord. Allot Dav 13. AlloL,,L 22. Gdn. 167. 204
Ord Sum. EXor. & Gdns. 348. Gdn..368. Ord. M Gdn 326.+0rd. N. 368
Ord. Q 268. Slaves

ORD K - Ordered that Nancy Smith be appointed guardian of Nicholas, Joseph and Margaret Eliza Smith, orphans of Nicholas Smith, dec'd. who executed Bond with John Shawhan Senr. and John Shawhan Jr. her securities in the penalty of three thousand dollars conditioned agreeably him.

On motion of Nancy Smith widow of Nicholas Smith dec'd ordered that Samuel Ewalt, John Fry, George Bush (Rush?), Wm. Bowen, being sworn to allots her dower on the land and slaves.

ORD L - Pg 387 - An additional Inventory of said Estate being returned into Court is ordered recorded. A settlement of said Estate being declared into court is ordered to be over November 6 1837.

ORD M Pg 3 December 4 1837
A Settlement of the estate of Nicholas Smith, deceased which was returned at the last court and ordered to lie over this day examined approved of and ordered to record.

ORD N - Pg 368 March 1 1841
Joseph Smith, orphan of Nichlas Smith, dec'd. came into court and chose Eliz Batterton his guardian who with Nathan Rule and Benjamin Batterton his security executed Bond in the penalty of two thousand dollars conditioned qgreeably to law.

ORD Q Pg 268 Division of Slaves among said heirs which being examined by the court is approved and ordered to record.

ORDER K - Pg 452 Administration of the estate of Nicholas Smith, dec'd. is granted to Nancy Shawhan Smith, his widow who made oath with John Shawhan Sr. and John Shawhan Jr. her securities executed on the penalty of fine of five thousand dollars conditioned agreeably to law. January 5 1835.