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Some Other Great Sites

Following is a list of web sites which are related in some way to Ruddle's and Martin's forts. The sites may have historical or genealogical links to this time period.

Jon Hagee's "Ruddle's Station, Kentucky"

Jon Hagee's site was the first web site dedicated to the events of June 24, 1780. It is a must for folks interested in this subject.

Other Jon Hagee sites:

Simon Kenton

Conway Family

Refer to The Story of George Lail for further information on the Lail boys and their harrowing adventures as captives of the Indians.

Eddleman Family at Ruddle's Fort Massacre

Mark Hickman's great web site. Surnames include Eddleman, Zumwalt, Burger and Denton.

Loyalist Institute Home Page

Web site for those Americans who remained loyal to the British during the Revolutionary War.

Early American Pioneers Held Captive or Killed by Indians

This site includes narratives of pioneers taken captive by Native Americans.

Government Microfilm Listing of Revolutionary War Rolls

You might want to browse the major headings on FrontierFolk.org for other related pages. I've added some new pages, you might find something interesting. If you find a page on there, it's probably safe to link to it. http://frontierfolk.org/

Other links of interest:

Historical Trekking:

Simon Kenton Frontier Festival: