Ruddell's and Martin's Forts

This web page is dedicated to the research of two early Kentucky settlements, Ruddle's and Martin's Forts, which were taken by the British expeditionary force led by Captain Henry Bird on June 24, 1780. Captain Bird, of the Eighth Regiment of His Majesty's Forces, led over one thousand British regulars, Canadian volunteers, Indians and Tories, and captured the forts and their defenders, which consisted of over 470 men, women and children. Many of the captives were taken by the Indians and either killed outright or forced to live amongst the various tribes. Those not taken by the Indians were marched over 600 miles on foot from central Kentucky to Detroit.

My intent in constructing this site is to create a "living forum" which reflects the ongoing research on this subject. Also, it is an attempt to bring together interested historians, genealogists, and descendants of the original group of settlers who were either present that fateful day or lived in the general vicinity.

The Table of Contents on the bar to the left provides a variety of links to subjects related to Ruddell's and Martin's Fort. Scroll down and pick the link that interests you.


--Bob Francis, June 2002