The Old Stonermouth Graveyard

Ruddle's Mills, Bourbon County, Kentucky

Following are two listings of the tombstone inscriptions for the old Stonermouth Presbyterian graveyard, Ruddle's Mills, Kentucky The first list is taken from "Bourbon County Tombstone Inscriptions." The second list (and history of the Stonermouth Presbyterian Church) is taken from an old type written manuscript sent to me (Bob Francis) by Betty Hewitt Lair Wyatt, a distant cousin and fellow researcher of the history of Bourbon County.

The "(" indicates a given surname on a single tombstone.

Amos, Nicholas, born Auguat 15, 1771 - died September 20, 1817
Amos, Ann, consort of Nicholas, born June 28, 1779 - died September 12, 1843
Amos, Kitty, born March 1, 1820 - died June 19, 1863
Ardery, Alex R., born May 21, 1782 - died October 17, 1838
Ardery, Sarah, consort of Alex R., born July 1, 1787 - died January 15, 1848
(Brindley, Nicholas, born in Hartford County, MD., September 10, 1802 - died September 17, 1846
(Brindley, Pricila, w/o Nicholas, born February 21, 1808 - died February 24, 1831
(Brindley, Nicholas & Joseph, infant s/o Nicholas & Pricila
Colville, John, born August 27, 1779 - died May 28, 1835
Colville, Martha, w/o John, born January 20, 1774 - died June 26, 1852
Curry, Margaret McClure, w/o John Curry, d/o James & Margaret McClure, born July 6, 1789 - died May 23, 1861
Dimmitt, Sarah J., born November 13, 1806 - died March 10, 1884
(Dimmitt, John C., died September 1, 1863 age 63 years, I month, & 11 days
(Dimmitt, ? , w/o John C., born 1801, died May 14, 184 ? name illegible
Ewalt, Col. Samuel, born February, 1826 - died August 8, 1868
(Huston, Robert, a native of County Down, Ireland, died October 14, 1839 age 30
(Huston, Elizabeth, w/o Robert, died August 21, 1841
Howard, Benjamin, born March 2, 1828 - died January 15, 1857
Jones, Mary Ann B., w/o Garrett D., died July 7, 1848 age 36 years, 5 months, & 7 days
Jones, Mary Jane, d/o G. D. & M. A., born January 24, 1836 - died October 8, 1837
Mock, Clarinda R., d/o G. & D. Mock, died April 2, 1848 age 20 years
McClintock, Amanda T., born January 11, 1827 - died September 28, 1852
McClintock, Daniel, born September 16, 1716 - died January 9, 1799
McKee, Alexander, born September 1, 182 ? - died August, 1826
McKee, John, born 1780 (stone Crumbled)
McKee, John, born November 26, 1847 - died August 21, 1849
Moore, Mary, w/o John, died September 15, 1864 aged 75 years
Moore, James, born March 25, 1818 - died June 22, 1855
Moore, Samuel S., born August 14, 1814 - died August 15, 1815
Moore, James, born December 25, 1780 - died October 4, 1822
Moore, Elizabeth, born January 25, 1756 - died June 11, 1825
McConnell, Samuel, died June 7, 1833 age 26 years & 22 days
Nesbit, James W., born January 24, 1821 - died September 2, 1850
Patten, Joseph, Sr., born October 1, 1759 - died September 1, 1822
Patten, John W., s/o W., & M., died July 28, 1859 age 26 years
Patten, William, born July 12, 1794 - died January 22, 1853
Patten, Mary, w/o Willima, born November 15, 1791 - died July 24, 1859
Patton, Prudence, w/o Alexander, born December 14, 1818 - died August 20, 1848
Patton, Margaret, w/o Alexander L., died February 27, 1863
Patton, John, born March 1, 1709 - died September 20, 1810
Patton, Susan, w/o John, dates illegible
Patton, Margaret, w/o J.P., born April 8, 1761 - died February 18, 1838
Patterson, John W., born April 15, 1818 - died October 3, 1851
Patterson, William T., s/o John & Julie, born April 24, 1849 - died February 3, 1852
Purdy, Jane, w/o Robert, died January 22, 1817 age 56 years
Purdy, William A., born August 2, 1815 - died March 18, 1847
Purdy, Isaac, died December 30, 1812 age 2 days
Purdy, Julia Ann, w/o John T., & d/o Jas. & E. Williams, born February 10, 1820, died February 27, 1854
Robinson, Dr. Mortimer, died October, 1850
Ruddle, Isaac, Va. Mil. Rev. War no dates
Rule, James, born April 5, 1822 - died April 28, 1852
Rule, Elizabeth, w/o James, born May 15, 1819 - died November 27, 1849
Rainey, Nancy, w/o William, born June 27, 1812 - died February 16, 1837
Rader, Elender, died March 19, 1824 in the 17th year of her age
Robinson, Jas., died November 20, 1831
Rutledge, William, born August 2, 1820 - died September 9, 1871
Rush, Jane, w/o Charles, born March 15, 1823 - died July 25, 1854
Rush, George, born September 16, 1796 - died May 16, 1856 age 59 years & 8 months
Rush, Jane, w/o George, born January 27, 1796 - died September 8, 1838 age 42 years, 7 months, & 11 days
Shawhan, Daniel, born December 1, 1738 - died May 1, 1791
Stephens, Elizabeth, died February 6, 1840 aged 65 years
Willett, James E., s/o Carlton & Nancy, born November 1, 1830 - died January 30, 1831
Willett, Francis, w/o Martin F., born October 12, 1801 - died December 27, 1831
Wyatt, Emanuel, born November 13, 1781 - died January 26, 1856
Wyatt, Susannah, w/o Emanuel, born May 22, 1782 - died January 15, 1848
Wyatt, Thomas., died October 11, 1848 age 38 years & 2 months
Wyatt, Julia Ann, w/o Thomas, died November 22, 1848

History of Stonermouth Presbyterian Church
Ruddles Mills, KY
According to the Transylvania Presbytery, the Stonermouth Presbyterian Church at Ruddles Mills was first motioned October, 1786, but it was one year later that Isaac Ruddle deeded to Stonermouth Presbyterian Church two acres of land in the forks of Stoner Creek, Hinkson Creek and the South Licking River for the purpose of building a meeting house and establishing a cemetery and sale was made for a price of five shillings.
Andrew McClure is believed to have organized the church and he was the pastor from 1786 to 1793, the date of his death, after which James Crawford, William Robinson and Robert Marshall served as supplies until 1796. The longest pastorate in the church was that of Reverend Samuel Rannels, who was ordained over the united congregation of Paris and Stonermouth which he retained for twenty one years until his death on March 24, 1817. After the date of Rannels, there was no long pastorate. Many different ministers supplied the church for short periods. After the years 1812 to 1839 Stonermouth and Millersburg constituted one pastorate.
Stonermouth was the oldest Presbyterian Church in Bourbon County and was one of the important churches in the Presbytery until the separation into the old school and the new school churches occurred in the year 1841. After that date, neither branch of the church prospered. The old school church seems to have had no regular pastor after John T.Hendrick resigned in 1839.
By an act of the church dated March 12,1872, Willis Collins, James H.Ardery and John I. Moore were empowered as trustees to sell all vacant land and the ruins of the church building and to use the proceeds of the sale to build a substantial wall around the cemetery. The remainder of the money was to be invested in county bonds, and the interest was to be used to keep the wall repaired and the graveyard cleaned. Today on the outskirts of Ruddles Mills there is an abandoned God's Acre in which many of the pioneers of Kentucky are buried dating back to the birth of Davey Crockett.
The following is a list of the names of some of the people of the people buried there. These names were collected by different people from 1917 until the present time. Including Mrs Edna Talbott Whitley, Miss Blanche Lilleston, Reverend Robert Sanders, Mrs. William Linville, Milton S. Hill and several others unknown.

Amos, Ann-1779-1843 (wife of Nicholas Amos)
Amos, Kitty-1820-1863
Amos, Nicholas-1771-1847 (Son of Thomas Amos)
Ardery, Alexander-1782-1838
Ardery, Sarah-1787-1848 (Consort of Alexander)
Barney, Nancy-1812-1837 (Wife of William Barney)
Buried in vault erected in the year 1847:
Brinley, Joseph (Son of Priscilla/Nicholas Brinley)
Brinley, Nicholas (Son of Priscilla/Nicholas Brinley)
Brinley, Nicholas-1802-1846
Brinley, Priscilla-1808-1851 (First wife of Nicholas Brinley)
Butler, William B.-1820-1841
Colville, John-1779-1835
Colville, Martha-1794-1852 (Consort of John Colville)
Curry, John--?-1849 (married Mrs. Margaret McClure Moore-12/24/40)
Curry, Margaret-1789-1861 (Formerly Margaret McClure, daughter of James/Margaret McClure, wife of James Moore 2/25/08 and John Curry 12/24/40)
Coons, Jimmy--?-?
Coons, Nancy--?-?
Dimitt, John--1795-1860
Dimitt, Rebecca-1801-1845 (wife of Colonel John Dimitt)
Dimitt, Sarah J.-1806-1884
Dunham, Franklin B.-1839-1839
Dunlap, Jane-1777-1820
Ewalt, Betty Margaret-1851-1857
Ewalt, Frances A.-1844-1855
Ewalt, John, Sr.-1791-1857
Ewalt, Nancy Kate-1852-1867
Ewalt, Colonel Sam-1826-1868
Ewalt, Willie J.--?-?
Fisher, James H.-1805-1841
Howard, Benjamin-1828-1851
Moon, Emily G.-1829-1853 (wife of A.E. Moon)
Howard, Minerva-1825-1876
Hugh, Jane Patten-1795-1851
Huston, Elizabeth McKee-1813-1841
Huston, Robert-(In 30th year)--?-1839 (Native of County Dover, Ireland)
Jones, Garrett D.-1836-1837
Jones, Mary Ann (Age 36+)--?-1848 (Wife of Garrett D. Jones)
Jones, Mary Jane (1 Day)-1836-1837
Kimbrough, Elizabeth-1814-? (Daughter of William/Elizabeth Kimbrough)
Lindsay, Preston (M.D.)-1805-1840
Lowry, Abraham-1815-1885
Lowry, Margaret-1822-1899
Lowry, Scott-1837-1885
Lucas, John-1849-1858 (Son of G.L./H.L. Lucas)
Masoner, John-1813-1871
McCune, Elizabeth (or Emily) Age 65--?-1812 (Wife of William McCune)
McKee, Alexander-1812-1812
McKee, John-1780-1812 (or 1842)
Mock, Clarinda R.-1826-1846 (Daughter of C/D Mock)
Mock, Lucy-1842-1918
McClintock, Daniel-1746-1799
McClintock, Elizabeth R.-1822-1838
McClintock, Frances-1731-1838 (Wife of Daniel McClintock)
McClintock, Joseph-1787-1836
McConnell, Samuel-1807-1833
McKee, John D.-1779-1812 or 1842
Moore, Elizabeth-1756-1825
Moore, James-1780-1822
Moore, James B.-1818-1855
Moore, Jane-1819-1821
Moore, John-1781-1850
Moore, John T.-1752-1830
Moore, Mary (Age 74)--?-? (Wife of John B.)
Moore, Samuel-1811-1814
Moore, Samuel S.-1814-1815
Nailer, Sarah M.-1784-1855 (Wife of James Nailer)
Nesbitt, James W.-1871-1850 (note: birth date must be typo)
Patten, A.L.-1824-1861 (Husband of Jane Marshall Patten)
Patten, Alexander-1810-1843
Patten, Daniel-1738-1791
Patten, Hugh-1795-1856 (Consort of Jane Patten)
Patten, Jane Marshall-1824-1861
Patten, John T.-1836-1855
Patten, Joseph-1799-1823
Patten, Joseph, Sr.-1759-1822
Patten, Margaret-1761-1838 (Wife of J. Patten)
Patten, Mary-1790-?
Patten, M.C.-1836-1837
Patten, Prudence-1818-1848 (Consort of Alexander Patten)
Purdy, Isaac-1812 age 20--?-?
Purdy, Jane-1817-1873
Purdy, William-1815-1817
Purdy, Willy-1822-1849
Radar, Elender--?-1824
Rainey, Nancy Pattan-1812-1837 (Wife of William Rainey)
Riley, John-1799-1865
Robinson, James-1831-?
Robinson, James--?-?
Robinson, Mortimer (Dr.)-1811-1850
Ruddle, Isaac-1732-1808
Rule, James-1822-1852
Rule, Elizabeth-1819-1849 (Wife of James Rule)
Rush, Charles-1823-1854 (believed to be wrong, same dates as wife)
Rush, George-1796-1856
Rush, Jane-1796-1838 (Wife of George Rush)
Rush, Jane E.-1823-1838 (Wife of Charles Rush)
Rutledge, William-1820-?
Shawhan, Daniel-1738-1791
Smith, Margaret--?-? (Wife of Samuel Smith)
Smith, Samuel--?-?
Speakes, Hezekiah-1813-1854
Stephens, Elizabeth--?-1840
Stewart, Lucy--?-?
Stewart, John M.--?-?
Stewart, Lucy-1849-? (Daughter of N/S.P. Stewart)
Summors, Ann-1772-1841
Summors, Daniel-1772-1856
Willett, Alfred-1803-1850
Willett, Ed. W.-1776-?
Willett, Elanor-1765-1845 (Consort of Edward)
Willett, Frances-1801-1831 (Consort of Martin F.)
Willett, Myram-1836-1837 (Son of W./Irene G. Willett)
Willett, James-1830-1831 (Son of Carlton/Nancy Willett)
Willett, James E.-1830-1831 (Son of Carlton Willett)
Willett, Nancy-1838-1839 (Daughter of Alfred/Sophia)
Wyatt, Emanuel-1781-1856
Wyatt, Julia Ann--?-1848 (Wife of Thomas Wyatt)
Wyatt, Susan-1782-1848
Wyatt, Thomas-1810-1848