Fifth Generation

Family of Thomas RAVENSCRAFT (7) & Margaret "Peggy" HINKSON

8. John RAVENSCRAFT. Born after 1786. [4] John died in 1813; he was 27.

On September 11, 1808 when John was 22, he married Rebecca EWALT, daughter of Henry EWALT & Elizabeth FREY/FRYE (1757-1837). Born on November 28, 1787 in Bedford, Pennsylvania. Rebecca died in Pike County, Missouri on October 1, 1861; she was 73.

They had the following children:
16 i. Julia Sarah "Sallie" (1808-1879)
ii. Elizabeth "Betsy". Born on May 31, 1812.
On March 21, 1831 when Elizabeth "Betsy" was 18, she married John MONTGOMERY, in Pike County, Missouri. Born on February 25, 1804. John died on November 26, 1871; he was 67.
iii. Milton.
On September 19, 1833 Milton married Frances E. LUCK, in Pike County, Missouri.

9. Thomas RAVENSCROFT. [5], [6] Born about 1788 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Thomas died on January 24, 1834; he was 46.

On August 9, 1812 when Thomas was 24, he married Elizabeth BEAN, daughter of James BEAN, in Harrison County, Kentucky. [7] Born in Kentucky. Elizabeth died in 1833.

They had the following children:
i. Nancy B.. Born on April 22, 1812.
Nancy B. married DUNLAP.
ii. John. Born on December 8, 1813.
John married Anne BUZZARD.
17 iii. James (1816-1892)
iv. Sallie. Born in 1820.
Sallie married William HALL.
v. Noah. Born in 1822.
Noah married Catherine DOUGLAS.
vi. Mary "Polly".
vii. Robert. Born in 1826.
Robert married Sarah FIGHTMASTER.

10. Elizabeth "Betsy" RAVENSCRAFT. Born in 1793 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. Elizabeth "Betsy" died before May 15, 1827; she was 34.

On July 3, 1809 when Elizabeth "Betsy" was 16, she married John EWALT, son of Henry EWALT & Elizabeth FREY/FRYE (1757-1837), in Harrison County, Kentucky. Born in 1789 in Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky. John died in Bourbon County, Kentucky on August 21, 1857; he was 68. Buried in Ruddle's Mills Cemetery.

They had the following children:
i. Henry. Born in 1810 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
18 ii. Margaret (1813-1873)
iii. Juliana. Born in 1815 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
Juliana married George W.C. SMITH.
19 iv. Elizabeth Davis (1818-1897)
v. Rebecca. Born in 1820 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Rebecca died in 1878; she was 58.
On September 25, 1836 when Rebecca was 16, she first married Conrad WILSON.
Rebecca second married Thomas PERKINS.
vi. Nancy Ann. Born in 1822 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.
20 vii. Samuel (1826-1868)
viii. Sallie.
Sallie first married Capt. Robert INNIS. Robert died in Keneshaw Mountain.
On June 16, 1869 Sallie second married D. W. JUETT, in Perry Wornall Residence, Bourbon County, Kentucky. [8] Occupation: Merchant Of Cynthiana, Kentucky.

11. William Michael RAVENSCRAFT. Born about 1793 in Harrison/Bourbon County, Kentucky. William Michael died in Troy, Ohio about 1844; he was 51.

On January 11, 1813 when William Michael was 20, he first married Rebecca CALL, daughter of CALL, in Harrison County, Kentucky. [9]

On November 12, 1816 when William Michael was 23, he second married Mary Melissa WOOLERY, daughter of Peter WOLLERY & Mary BLUE, in Troy, Miami County, Ohio. Born before 1797. Mary Melissa died in 1851; she was 54.

They had the following children:
21 i. Robert (1838-1920)
22 ii. Marcus Lafayette (1819-1879)
23 iii. John H. (-1910)
iv. Hinkson.
v. Thomas.
On November 24, 1859 Thomas married Ann HORDOKER, in Troy, Ohio.
vi. Michael.
vii. Samuel.
viii. Charles.
ix. George.
x. Martha.
xi. Margaret.
24 xii. Emilie
xiii. Sally Ann.
25 xiv. Henry F.

12. Polly RAVENSCRAFT. Born in 1801 in Harrison County, Kentucky. Polly died in Rush County, Indiana in 1876; she was 75.

Polly married Aaron MILLER, son of Jacob MILLER. Born in 1789 in Virginia. Aaron died in Rush County, Indiana on April 19, 1874; he was 85.

They had the following children:
26 i. Thomas (1824-)
27 ii. Harrison (1831-)

13. Nancy RAVENSCRAFT. Born about 1812 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. [10] Nancy died in Harrison County, Kentucky after 1850; she was 38.

Nancy married Humphrey HINKSON, son of Samuel HINKSON (-1837) & Nancy WILSON. Born circa 1805 in Kentucky. Humphrey died in Harrison County, Kentucky before 1850; he was 45.

They had the following children:
28 i. Melvina (1832-1863)
29 ii. Humphrey (1834->1870)
iii. Margaret. Born in 1836 in Harrison County, Kentucky.
iv. John. Born in 1840 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

14. James RAVENSCRAFT. [11] Born in Harrison Or Bourbon County, Kentucky.

James married .

They had one child:
i. Isaac James. Born in 1830 in Kentucky. Isaac James died in Dayton, Ohio in 1904; he was 74.

15. Margaret "Peggy" RAVENSCRAFT.

On December 14, 1826 Margaret "Peggy" married Garrett HUMBLE, son of Noah HUMBLE & Catherine CAIN, in Kentucky. [1] Born in Kentucky. Garrett died in 1845.

They had the following children:
i. Harvey "Harry".
ii. John.
iii. Louisa.
iv. Uriah.

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