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Friends and Patrons,
     Greetings! My name is Jim Jacobs and welcome to our website. This version of our current catalog marks my 32nd year of scouting the wild places available to me, my 25th year of involvement with Living Historie, my 16th year as a merchant of historical wares, and the 8th year that my lovely wife Chris and I have peddled our wares by penny-post. And this move onto the World Wide Web also marks our commitment toward continued growth and improvement in the goods and services we offer to those interested in historical reenactment, and most especially to those reenactors interested in historical woodsrunning. We're experienced woodsrunners and mail order customers ourselves, and our foremost goal is to offer the service that our customers deserve and the goods most practical for their historical endeavors. The World Wide Web - as anachronistic a vehicle as it is for peddling wares of two centuries ago - is an invaluable tool for meeting that goal.

     We hope that you find our Website and sundry other improvements to our enterprise beneficial in your quest for a pure historical experience. Please call on us to outfit you, and contact us and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you. Until we do we bid you peace and prosperity, and we remain, as always

Your Ob't servants,                               
Jim and Christine

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