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    1. Main Page - The main page in the site.
    2. Catalogue - Blue Heron Mercantile's Catalogue of Wares.
      1. Balms - Balms and Salves for Healing, Sore Muscles and Anti-Bug.
      2. Beads - Early Brass Beads, Size 8/0 and 4mm "Pound" Glass Beads in Old Time Chalk White, Plain White 4mm "Pound" Beads, Glass Wampum in Blue, Purple and White, Purple and White Shell Wampum.
      3. Blankets - Witney Point Blankets in 3-1/2 and 4pt. sizes, 72x90 Lachine Pattern Blankets, 72 x 90 Ingenious Pattern Blankets, Heavy 72x84 Buffalo Rug Blankets, Solid Wool 66x90 Trade Blankets.
      4. Books - Selections of interest to those getting started in Historical Woodsrunning and Reenactment.
      5. Buckles - A good selection of Mid-18th Century Brass Buckles.
      6. Buttons - A good selection of Pewter Buttons dating from the mid-18th through the early 19th century, 23 to choose from. Also, Bone, Horn and Pearl Buttons.
      7. Campwear - Brass and Copper Kettles, Boilers, Canteens, Washington Cookpots and Tin cups, as well as Horn Spoons and Colonial era Bone and Horn Handle Eating Utensils.
      8. Candles - 6" Molded Pure Beeswax Tapers, 6" Parafin Candles, suitable for lanterns.
      9. Catalog - Hardcopy catalog with a detailed listing of our wares, as well as sundry bits of ancient and useful information for historical woodsrunners.
      10. Compass - Mid-18th century era Brass Sundial Compass with cover, approx. 2" diameter by 3/4" deep.
      11. Containers - Muslin Bags in a variety of sizes, suitable for storing victuals and small items, Burlap Sacks suitable for carrying and storing clothing and larger items, Round Friction Cover Tins in 1 oz., 2 oz., 4 oz. 8 oz. and 32 oz. sizes.
      12. Cordage - 100% Hemp cordage in a variety of sizes and weights ranging from 10 lb. test twine to 1/2" 3-Ply Twisted Rope.
      13. Cutlery - Coleman Trade Knives, Russell Harrington Knife Blades and Wooden Scale Blanks.
      14. Deerskin - Artificial Braintan Deerskins.
      15. Documents - Colonial Era Documents, including Maps on choice of Parchment or Bond, Currency Reproductions, Trade Licenses by Penn, Croghan, Scalp Bounty Proclaimations by Penn, Morris.
      16. Dye - Logwood Dye Crystals and Powder.
      17. Earbobs - Native Earbobs typical of the Fur Trade; Sterling Silver Ball and Cone and Triangular Silver and Copper Bangle.
      18. Facepaints - Safe, Non-toxic Paint Powders for native facepaint, clothing or impliment decoration; Vermillion, Black, White, Yellow Ochre.
      19. Feathers - Turkey Feathers, Tail and Wing; Artificial Bird of Prey Feathers, Eagle, Hawk, Red Tail Hawk, Owl.
      20. Firemaking - Hot Firesteels, "C" Pattern and Oval, with Flint, Firekits, Burning Glasses, Roving.
      21. Fishing - Quality Handwrought Fish Hooks with Chiseled Barbs, Fishing Kits, Trotline Kits, Fish/Muskrat Spears, Fishing Tackle, including Catgut, Hemp Line, Cork Bobbers, Split buckshot Sinkers.
      22. Footwear - Quality Knee Stcokings in Cotton or Wool, Several Colors to Choose From, Stripes. Blue Heron Brand Beeswax/Tallow/Bear Oil Moccasin and Leather Dressing.
      23. Gloves - Gray Ragwool Gloves, Fingerless and Full Finger Styles.
      24. Horns - Raw Horns Sorted and Graded for Powderhorns, Salt Cellars, Cups, etc.
      25. Maps - Colonial Era French, English and American Regional Maps and Fort Plans, on choice of 8-1/2 x 11 Bond or Parchment.
      26. Patterns - Common Colonial Men's and Women's Clothing Patterns by Kannik's and J.P. Ryan.
      27. Provisions - Dried foods common during the early American Frontier period, and well-suited for Historical Trekking. Parched Corn and Parched Corn Trail Mixes, Dried Fruits, Four China Teas, Green Coffee and Spanish Chocolate, Dried Meats, Steel Cut Oats, Barley, Cracked Wheat, Dried Hominy, Long Grain Brown Rice, Yellow Peas and Cranberry Beans, Wild Rice, Muscavado and Maple Sugars, Maple Syrup, Sorghum Mollases, Peppercorns, Sea Salt, Nutmegs.
      28. Scarves - 35" x 35" Silk Scarves in Black, White, Brick Red, Logwood Gray, Brown, Olive Drab.
      29. Sewing - Unwaxed Linen Thread in 4 weights, Waxed Linen Harness Thread in Natural and Brown, Genuine Sinew, Thread Winders, Sewing Needles, Awls and Crooked Trade Awl Points, Brass Thimbles, Chinese Scissors in 3 sizes, Small Leafspring Shears, Sewing Kits for Fabric and Leather Repairs.
      30. Shelters - English Oilskin Tarps, 5x7 Hemmed and Unhemmed, Custom sizes Available by Special Order, 5x7 12 oz. Hemp Canvas Oilcloth Kits with Waterproofing Instructions.
      31. Shooting - Turned Cleaning Worms and Ball Pullers, Tow Worms, Forged Screwdrivers, Copper and Iron Vent Picks, Bag Ladles, 18th and early 19th century Lead Bars cast from Original Molds, Gunflints.
      32. Soaps - Traditional Handmade Lye Soaps; 3.3 oz. Castile Bars, Unscented and 5 Scented Varieties. 2.5 to 3.5 oz. Common Tallow Soap Cakes, Unscented, Pine and Lavendar Scents.
      33. Straps - Heavy Vegetable Tanned Belt Straps, 48" length, in 1", 1-1/2", 2" and 3" widths.
      34. Textiles - Plain Weave Hemp Textiles in 5 oz., 8 oz., 12 oz. and 16 oz. weights.
      35. Tobacco - Sweet and Natural Twist Tobaccos, Cut Tobaccos in 3 Flavors, Non-Tobacco Herbal Smoking Blend.
      36. Toiletries - Bone Handle and Boar Bristle Toothbrushes, 2-1/2" Metal Back Trade Mirrors, Wooden Handle and Boar Bristle Hair Brushes, Single and Double Sided Horn Combs, Soaps.
      37. Trinkets - ? and 3/8" High Dome Brass Tacks, _" and 1" Tin and Brass Tinkling Cones, Metal Back Trade Mirrors, Brass Thimbles, Earbobs, Beads.
      38. Wang - Handcut Artificial Braintan Deerskin Lace in ? and ? Widths, any length. 1/8 in. x 6 ft. Latigo Lace.
      39. Text Only Catalogue - A complete listing of our goods in ".txt" format for you to read offline.
      40. Printable Orderform - If you don't want to order on-line, you can print out a form and either call or mail your order in.
      41. Request a Catalogue - You can request a hard copy of our catalogue to be shipped to you.
    3. Shipping Information - Information on shipping costs and terms of delivery.
    4. Service Policy - Blue Heron Mercantile's customer service policies.
    5. Site Map
    6. Trail Tips & Recipes - A collection of Trail Tips and Recipes from Jim Jacobs
    7. Historical Event Listing Announcements - News and Updates about Blue Heron Mercantile.
    8. Photo Gallery - A photo gallery of Jim and Chris' exploits on the trail.
    9. Resources - A page of links that Jim and Chris have found and thought interesting.
    10. Contact Blue Heron - Address, Phone Numbers, E-mail, and other points of contact for Blue Heron Mercantile.

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